PSP is a group of architects complemented by the collaboration of local firms and architects. Our architecture seeks to flow with clean and clear forms, and adjust to our clients’ needs with the same amount of detail as a tailor-made suit.


Our job is to achieve functional, efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings, which is why Engineering is integrated into the process from the first steps of design.

Our engineers are organized into groups specialized in facilities, structure and environment.

Urban Planning

Our urban design team applies a comprehensive approach to the study of the city or an area of the city that goes through the exploration of behavior patterns, demographics, real estate market, and underground infrastructures. With this data, the design process begins to take shape.

Interior Design

Interior design is the last tier of the design and, therefore, is an integral part of it, enjoying the same criteria and importance applying to the entire building.

The quality of light, choice of materials, use of color and selection of furniture are elements that undergo the same approach as the building itself.

Licensing and legal

We lead and organize the complete process for obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for construction, the subsequent use, as well as the environmental impact. We collaborate with municipal technicians, experts and local planners to assure document processing and the necessary steps to obtain the appropriate authorizations.


Site Supervising and Management

The Project Management discipline is rooted in our day-to-day culture. We make great effort in recruiting and developing the best professionals, creating a communication environment with networking tools that allow us to imbue each individual in a common culture.

Cost control

The cost control discipline is the basis of good Project Management and therefore, we perform cost analysis and construction procedures from the early stages of design. Likewise, we place great importance on cost control of each building, by establishing monitoring, control and optimization procedures throughout the project.


We organize the building’s occupancy processes, by testing and guaranteeing the performance of the structural, operational and functional systems to ensure they operate as planned by the project, and they satisfy all the needs raised from the design phase and those that may have emerged during construction.

Facility Management Support

This service is based on the way we work, the methodologies we apply, and the processes and procedures we use. This allows us to develop a catalog of basic documents, processes and workflows that make up the elements for Managing Assets or Material Resources and the Support Services necessary for the correct performance of the building. We provide an approach covering the areas of Architecture and Engineering, accounting and finance, and even management of the behavior of the groups that will use the building.