We are PSP

Innovative Architecture, Total design, Project Management

Founded in Germany in 1963. We have designed and participated in hundreds of engineering and architectural projects around the world.

Our focus is on Architecture, General Planning and Project Management of Construction Projects;

EPCM – Enginnering & Procurement & Construction Management.

Years of international experience, successful projects, and professionals contributing their maximum potential have created in PSP a set of best practices allowing us to really add value to all our clients. Value in the form of design, cost, quality, availability, service and, above all, reliability.

We think, design, plan and supervise the construction of complex, large, functional, efficient, and special needs projects

We listen to our clients, put ourselves in their shoes, and make their wishes ours from the initial ideas, the hard work carried out day-to-day, to the delivery of their project ready to be used.

We are Architects and Engineers from 15 different nationalities, also supported by internal Support Specialized Teams; we have extensive multisector experience around the world. We have made buildings for governments in China, Germany, Russia, Ethiopia, as well as industrial buildings in Mexico, Argentina, Germany, and Spain.

We have designed and supervised for the automotive, aviation, pharmaceutical, and financial sectors, office buildings, shopping centers and others.


By working creatively and collaboratively from the beginning of a project, architects and engineers combine their knowledge to design sustainable and integrated solutions. We conceive sustainable solutions, which create functional spaces, used efficiently in a completely integrated environment. Design encompasses everything from the functional and environmental performance of a building to its cultural context.

A large and select team of professionals with skills and experience, along with the use of internationally recognized methodologies, allow us to carry out design or construction projects with a guarantee of compliance.

This makes us trustworhty.

The size and complexity of the projects we have developed has made us experts. And we always meet the goal.

We focus on sustainability from an ethical and integrated point of view. From the considerations of the energy cost of materials to the performance and the useful life thereof. We consider the materials and procedures of the country and study the local approach. That is why we have a network of collaborators in several knowledge fields in the countries in which we work.

We´ve developed projects in most countries of the world.



We work with world-proven tools and methods, always at the forefront.


If you have a project in mind or just want to talk about an idea, please provide your information and we will contact you. We will be happy to share ideas, approaches and proposals.

Likewise, if you are a Mexican company and wish to collaborate, contact us.


Mexico Address

Magenta 219, C El Deseo, Lomas de Angelopolis
CP 72830, San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, México

+52 1 222 6303449      info@pspmexico.mx